Menus in english

Figaro A La Carte


Jerusalem artichoke soup with smoked beetroot purée 13
cheese cracker L, G

Salmon tartare with roe mousse and marinated crayfish 15
malt bread L

Gratinated green mussels 13
pico de gallo and bread L

Lightly salted reindeer withgoat cheese mousse 16
sea buckthorn and onion compote L

Roasted bone marrow withcaramelized onion 13
grape jam and bread

main courses

Grilled salmon with thyme and chive mashed potatoes 26
red wine sauce and fennel beurre blanc L, G

Pan-fried white fish with jerusalem artichoke 28
butternut squash and scallop L, G

Caramelized fennel andfried porcini mushrooms 24
butternut squash and cashew nuts L, G

Slow-cooked lamb shank in red wine sauce 26
creamy lamb gravy with cinnamon and anchovies, honey-roasted root vegetables and lingonberries L, G

Elk entrecote and Mangalitza pork sausage 28
baked apple and celery root with blue cheese, mustard-sabayon sauce L

Surf ’n’ turf beef and tiger prawn skewers 29
pernod mayonnaise and warm bell pepper and tomato salad L, G, M

Grilled sirloin steak with green beans and bacon 29
250 g. funnel chanterelle sauce and red wine sauce L


Honey-roasted root vegetables L, G 5
Chive mashed potatoes L,G 5
French fries L, G, M 6
Beetroot risotto with blue cheese L, G 6
Garlic potatoes with aioli L, G, M 5


Sea buckthorn pannacotta and cloudberry ice cream 12
blueberry jam L, G

Chocolate fondant with orange-vanilla ice cream 13
caramel chocolate mousse

Licorice Pavlova with salty caramel ice cream 12
licorice meringue, almond cookie, pineapple and passionfruit

Cheese platter 13

Winebistro A La Carte


Marinated olives 3

Spanish-style peppers with olive oil and salt 6

Tuna-anchovy pintxo(2) 5

Piece of cheese with jam 6

Patatas Bravas, spanish potato cubes with aioli and tomato sauce 6

Ortiz anchovies from Cantabrian Coast, green pepper salsa 7

Spicy spanish Iberico pork sausage 9 Dry-cured spanish Iberico pork 10

Sausage with potato and pickled mushroom salad 8

Ortiz ventresca tuna belly in olive oil 9


Tapas Españolas 25
– Marinated olives
– Pimientos de padron with olive oil and salt
– Patatas Bravas with aioli and tomato sauce
– Spanish cheese
– Ortiz Anchovies
– Dry-cured Iberico pork
– Chorizo
– bread

Tapas Finlandesas 25
– Potato and pickled mushroom salad
– Blue and brie cheeses with jam
– Marinated crayfish tails
– Smoked vendace with red onion
– Mangaliza pork sausage and Reindeer sausage
– smoke sauna cured pork
– Toasted malt bread

Roasted bone marrow with caramelized onion 12
– Grape jam and bread

Beetroot risotto 10
– Blue cheese

Jerusalemartichoke soup 13
– Bread


Double death by cheese brgr 20
– 160 g limousine beef patty, gouda- and cheddar cheeses, chipotle and bacon mayo, pickled cucumber and red onion. Served with fries.

with 2x 160g beef patties 26

Fish BRGR 20
– Pike Wallenberg, grilled salmon, tuna mayo, pickled cucumber, red onion and rockets. Served with fries

Hunter’s Steak 18
– Open-faced sandwich topped with beef escalope and
creamy mushroom sauce, salad, pickled nonion and cucumber


Sea buckthorn pannacotta and cloudberry ice cream 12
blueberry jam L, G

Chocolate fondant with orange-vanilla ice cream 13
caramel chocolate mousse

Licorice Pavlova withsalty caramel ice cream 12
licorice meringue, almond cookies, pineapple and passionfruit